New template: MovieTek !

Septembre 2022
MovieTek allows to keep track of your best movies, great starting point to manage evaluable assets πŸ‘

It uses these new features
  • Rating component
  • Progress component

New template: Tasky !

Septembre 2022
New app template available called Tasky: projects and tasks management app πŸ‘

It uses these new features
  • Progress and Statistic components
  • RowCount formula
  • GoToScreen action

New component: Rating !

Septembre 2022
Rating component allows users to select rating numbers from 1 to 8. Icon, Color, number of items are customizable πŸ‘

Zyllio v4 is out !

August 2022
Zyllio team is thrilled to announce Zyllio v4 with many new features πŸ‘

New dashboard, new responsive engine, new components, ... everything you need to build confidently mobile apps πŸš€

In addition, we are releasing Zyllio SDK (Development Kit) supporting custom Components, Actions, Formulas and Themes πŸ‘
🏠 New dashboard
The new dashboard gives access to main features in one place in a more consistent way
  • Your apps
  • Apps shared with you
  • Tutorials
  • Documentation
  • Support
  • Contact
Have you noticed apps are displayed like a mobile app home screen ?

Very soon, new features like Published apps and Analytics will be included
πŸ“± Responsive Design
Our development team has introduced one of the most ambitious enhancement in Zyllio engine: Responsive Design (in replacement of Absolute postions)

It solved layout limitations and makes the user experience a lot simpler. So users don't need to position, define margins and resize components

Drop your component and reorder it on screens is enough

And thus it enables new possibilities: infinite lists, hide/show components on conditions, adaptive heights...
πŸ”€ New components
We are releasing new components on regular basis. Zyllio v4 ships with new components:
  • Multiline text fields: useful to collect large piece of texts like comments or descriptions
  • Audio component: build a library of sounds and play sound files like mp3, wav, ogg ...
  • Footer component: support an additional button to execute actions and transition to other screens
🎨 Enhanced Themes
We've been investing on new apps templates that require new colors

In addition to Primary and secondary colors, we've added Tertiary color which are used to highlight input fields for example

Please note you can build your own theme within a Zyllio Plugin (see below)
🧩 Plugins
We enhanced Zyllio Development Kit as per your feedback, and then released Zyllio SDK 1.0.0 two weeks ago

Zyllio Plugins allow developers to enrich your apps with new custom components, actions and formulas

You are developper check out Zyllio SDK on GitHub

Experiment and fork our 8 open source plugins available on GitHub:
  • Progress Bar Component
  • Ionic Slider Component
  • Rating Component
  • Angular Counter Component
  • ReactJS Chart Component
  • VueJS Counter Component
  • Meme Generator Action
  • Custom Theme

Zyllio v3 is out !

April 2022
Zyllio team is thrilled to announce Zyllio v3 with countless new features πŸ‘

Many new components, actions and formulas available now to build any type of mobile apps πŸš€

In addition, we made performance enhancements : publication of apps has been reduced to few seconds πŸ‘
πŸ—ΊοΈ Maps, Markers and Geolocation
Use the new Map component to display your data within a map using one of your column: city, country, address, coordinates.

The user swipes to focus on any item or navigates/zooms through the map

Zyllio does not charge additional fees for using Map Components
πŸ“… Calendar and Events
Use the new Calendar component to display events: meetings, sessions, appointments, ...

The component supports Week / Month view modes and filtering

Allow users to book any available timeslots defined in your tables
🧩 Plugins
Zyllio Plugins allow developers to enrich your apps with new custom components, actions and formulas

You are developper check out Zyllio SDK on GitHub
πŸ“™ 12 new tutorials
We are investing on educational contents, 12 tutorials are available on Youtube here.

More tutorials are coming soon... Looking forward to support you building great apps !